ARTISTS: How Art Source South Africa works with artists

Art Source South Africa applies the combined experience and expertise of its team to offer art project management and consulting services to contemporary South African visual artists. Over several decades working with mid-career contemporary artists, we have developed a proven model to build financial value in the artists' work. This is based on applying a strategic plan to leverage an artist's professional artistic profile and career. This builds value in them and their artwork which enhances their long term career and ultimate financial sustainability. In the contemporary art market the artist's profile is an important factor in the building of their financial value and that of their artwork.

Artists seldom consider devising strategic plans, nor set business based career objectives to achieve their creative career goals. More significantly they struggle to make the transition from part time to full time art careers, supported solely by the proceeds of their production. This, coupled with a limited knowledge of the role players and mechanisms of the art industry,(both locally and abroad) and a limited understanding of market segmentation results in most artists managing their careers on an hoc basis. While the emphasis must remain on creativity and production of quality work, it is a common misconception that financial sustainability is based solely on the creative 'genius' of the artist - some 'x' factor which is undefinable and outside of their direct control.

Our approach of leveraging an artist's profile and career is through the consistent and strategic application of sound business principles, well-planned projects & strategies. It runs over a sustained period of time and is enhanced by focused media activation. Art Source South Africa only undertakes selected artists projects that run over several years. This means we only work with a few artists at any given time.

Artists who are not yet ready for this undertaking are welcome to consider our career & artists coaching services which may be better tailored to suit their specific needs and assist them address challenges in either the development of their artwork or career planning. Please visit our coaching page coaching page