In 2012 Art Source South Arica initiated a new coaching service for the visual art sector and in direct response to the many requests received from artists for individual, private sessions. The consultations provided an opportunity for artists to discuss their career or art related concerns and to receive appropriate and professional advice. This new service has proved to address a real need in the art industry. Artists working in the solitude of their private studios can find themselves isolated whether they are practicing professional artists or those aiming to become fulltime career artist. This isolation is exacerbated if the artist is not networked nor linked to an academic institution or arts organization or group active in the sector.

In such a situation access to critical feedback on their artwork is limited and it is difficult to find professional guidance on how to successfully plan and manage a career path or engage with the industry in a professional manner. The coaching and consulting services offered by Art Source South Africa have effectively addressed this gap in the market. An artist may book a two hour private session which is conducted at our offices in a dedicated consulting room. Thereafter repeat sessions are as per request. Prior to and in preparation for the first session, the client is asked to submit relevant information indicating what they require from the consultation. This enables the consultant to prepare for the session to facilitate that the artist gains maximum benefit from the consultation. Sessions are charged based on an hourly fee basis (rates available on request). The first appointment is always 2 hours and thereafter a programme is developed based on an individual's needs.