Achieving success as a visual artist is not only about creating meaningful art, it requires an astute combination of the production of quality art, opportunity and astute management to develop a career from a talent.

The art industry does not come with a standard handbook of practice, nor is it governed by regulations or a standard set of criteria for success. Managing the often complicated relationships and opportunities that it brings can be intimidating for new artists entering the sector and even for those who have spent many years in it!

Issues around professional practice have come under the spotlight in recent times, as the industry in South Africa matures and artists are exposed to international experiences of best practice. Professional practice is a term which encompasses a broad spectrum of concerns; from basic business practices such as how to negotiate contracts and work with an agent or gallery, to more complex matters of how to consider and plan a career strategy.

After ten years of working in arts consulting and strategic career management for visual artists, and many years of being invited to conduct lectures and courses at various institutions, as well as countless consultations to individual contemporary artists, we identified a need. To address this need we decided to initiate and offer professional practice seminars. By means of these seminars with their practical and accessible approach, we are able to offer our experience, expertise and strategic services to a wider group of artists.

There are several seminar offerings which are hosted by Art Source South Africa in association with various organisations and industry experts on various aspects of the visual art sector.
Partners and associates of this programme include amoung others Lizamore and Associates Contemporary Art Gallery, Toby Orford Art at Law practice & the Roger Ballen Foundation.